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I do however like the attention I get for cloying posts like this one - there's your secret I've never told anyone. Years ago, I attended a party at Stevie Nicks house.

Billy Idol was there and a bunch of other celebs and industry folk. Used to hide small bottles of soda water between the towels in her bathroom for after her sessions.

Her house was in the hills above the Beverly Hills Hotel. I was talking in a circle of 4 people with Stevie to my right. She kept falling to the right, so I'd reach out to grab her and pull her back into the circle. I saw her again at an event (Bill Clinton was there too giving a speech). Wnen she got offstage I told her I liked her new record and she looked rested and fabulous. That Rhett Akins - country songwriter, former singer, father of Thomas Rhett- likes men as a side order.

The house looked like something out of an animated Disney movie. This kept happening so I'd let her fall a little further before I'd grab her arm and pull her upright again. Matt Fox has herpes - female co-worker got it from him. That Jamie Foxx and Gary Le Vox, lead singer of Rascal Flatts, were lovers when they were both starting out. None of the boys in the group are strangers to the cock. Someone asked Smith if he wanted to meet him and Smith said "Why the fuck would I ever want to meet HIM? Michelle Williams and Christina Ricci had an affair while filming Prozac Nation.

In the world of hair, Extensions Plus is known worldwide as an innovator, and as a provider to clients (both nationally and internationally) of the finest grades of hair.

Owner Helene Stahl is the daughter of two hairdressers, and during her childhood spent much of her time in beauty salons playing with wigs and learning to style them.

In 1967 Ellen Wille completed her studies in Paris and opened her first wig shop in Frankfurt, Germany.

Also it used to be an annual even for Adams to meet up with Parker Posey once a year in Vegas for shenangans. After a bunch of dramatic fights, Michelle broke it off.Celebrity hair extensions and looks are now a major part of our pop beauty culture.Many online and in magazines articles cover celebrities’ hairstyle makeovers. For women’s frontal hair loss—or on top of the head—our hair loss solutions will perfectly serve your needs.All of our collections are designed in our headquarters in Los Angeles and are available to buy there or in our online store.We serve clients from all over the world as well as those living in Los Angeles County and the surrounding areas.

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