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Continue reading One hot afternoon hilary was ouside at her pool in her swimsuit i was the pool guy their was nobody but her home i walked over to her and said hi she said hi then the phone rang she went … Though he was nearing 65, he was still able to play a good game against his daughter, though he …

Continue reading This Fictional story contains graphic sexual situations, if you are underage or easily offended stop reading.

Hilary Duff was just in her limo, excited to go to her best friend’s, Lalaine, birthday party. Continue reading Disclaimer: I don’t own anybody ******************** The Ultimate Jail Rape Part 3: Gail Kim Gail Kim was taking a walk around the jail, exploring anything and everything there was to explore. Continue reading Disclaimer: I don’t own anybody ******************** The Ultimate Jail Rape Part 2: Lita Lita had dirtied herself up while she was working downstairs cleaning the floors, so she decided to go and take a shower. They were new comers, so they had *no* idea what was in … THIS STORY IS ONLY PART OF THE AUTHOR’S (YOKE) SICK, PERVERTED, LONELY, AND HORNY MIND. Continue reading Disclaimer: This is a work of PURE FANTASY intended for adult reading.

Continue reading Story Title: Raped at the After Party Author: JJGARCES1980 Celebrity: Hayley Williams Story Codes: rape, oral, MF Disclaimer: The following story is fantasy and fantasy is legal. Continue reading The Rape of Kelly Hu Wrote by Matt Kelly called Frank over to fix the dishwasher she showed him where it was and he said do you have a belt? Continue reading Thought I’d try my hand, hope you like and post it. She was only 5’2″ but she had nice tits that were 36B, a great firm arse and a plump lipped cunt that was shaved bald. Continue reading Howard Stevens sat back in his chair and smiled at how well things were going out.THE RAPE OF CHRISTINA APPLEGATE By Wonder mike Rick had been a huge fan of Married with children, specifically Christina Applegate. Continue reading Warning : This story is fictional. It was written a few years back after Little Women. Somebody needs to teach this up-and-coming, waifish little cunt just … It was getting late and Claire was returning to her flat in London.This story contains explicit sex, rape, torture, wetsex, bestiality, fistfuck and a celebrity. She had decided to walk to her recording session as it was only five minutes away if she took the walk across …Submissions with more up-votes appear towards the top of their subreddit and, if they receive enough votes, ultimately on the site's front page.Despite strict rules prohibiting harassment, Reddit's administrators spend considerable resources on moderating the site.

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