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Neither had South-Indians ever dreamt that they were the rightful owners of the whole subcontinent, dispossessed by the ¯Aryan invaders who had chased them from North India, turning it into A¯ryavarta, the land of the A¯ryans.

Nor had the low-caste people heard that they were the original inhabitants of India, subdued by the ¯Aryans and forced into the prisonhouse of caste which the conquerors imposed upon them as an early form of Apartheid.

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All these ideas had to be imported by European scholars and missionaries, who thought through the implications of the ¯Aryan Invasion Theory (AIT), the theory that the Indo-European (IE) language family had spread out from a given homeland, probably in Eastern Europe, and found a place in Western and Southern Europe and in India as cultural luggage of horse-borne invaders who subjugated the natives.

One of the first natives to interiorize these ideas was Jotirao Phule, India’s first modern Mahatma, a convent-educated low-caste leader from Maharashtra. ) Aryans came to India not as simple emigrants with peaceful intentions of colonization, but as conquerors.

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