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Jelas, siapapun pasti akan terkagum-kagum dengan bentuk tubuhmu yang terlihat makin ramping dan jenjang apalagi lawan jenismu.

NIA has just significantly expanded its Market Cap/GDP Ratio analysis service by adding 8 new countries, which means it now allows you to analyze and compare the Market Cap/GDP Ratios of 22 different nations. Five nations currently have Market Cap/GDP Ratios that need to increase by less than 5% to reach new record highs: Indonesia, Mexico, Thailand, Taiwan, and Canada.

Greece over the past decade has averaged an annual government budget deficit of -9.24% of GDP vs. Russia has already experienced the worst of its financial crisis, but America’s largest financial crisis in history is still ahead.

Russia averaging an annual government budget surplus of 1.55% of GDP. NIA expects Russian stocks to make tremendous gains over the next 12-24 months as the US stock market collapses.

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