Id nal mapusok online dating

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And a request to use the built-in chat system right away is a pretty sure sign that I'm not going to want to talk to someone.

I'd bet that, to a point, there's a correlation between the volume of text sent and reply rate.

"Oh my God" comes to mind, shouldn't be hard to think of a dozen others on your own.

I can't stay if these conditions are accounted for, of course. Girls probably get way more messasges and guys send more messages.

However, that might just have to do with the fact that a longer message is more likely to reference specific things in the person's profile that they find interesting (for example, I replied to almost anyone who showed interest in the fact that I bake bread and like kites). Ok Cupid's chat system is horrible, and results in lots of missed messages. An IM handle gives an easy way to ping people later, the other person is subscribing to be IM'd by you in the future.i'd make the argument that the article submission itself is a bit too much like reddit, hence the reddit-like response from myself and others. The writers' profile does not seem to have been taken into consideration.

i couldn't really think of anything very HN topical to an interesting post, for sure, but not what i'd consider standard HN fare. Rarely does anyone respond without first checking out the profile of the person who just sent the message.

Saying a girl is "pretty" could actually help, yet score low in this analysis because it's a creep marker.

The reply rate for messages sent by a man is probably much lower than for messages sent by a woman.

A man in more likely to call a woman "pretty" than the other way around. As a data scientist, one needs to constantly ask themselves ethical questions concerning that data they are working on.

So that means while I get a 35% response rate there's only an 11% meet rate after that (though it may be 22% soon). While getting a little feedback feels good and can be useful, a few polite responses is not generally what a user's goal is.

How many messages result in meetings, that's what I want to know.

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