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A dad and his toddler son were found suffering from hypothermia after getting lost on a wet and windy British beach.The father and two-year-old son were out for a holiday walk dressed in shorts and T shirts when the weather turned.Another tourist, Mats Karlsson from Stockholm, said it's 'too hot to be outside' in Brela, Croatia.He added: 'Got AC at 29 and it feels cold in comparison to the balcony.' Warning: Cities across Italy, like the capital Rome, pictured here on Thursday, have been subjected to the highest possible level of heat alert with tourists and residents alike warned to take action to protect themselves against the sun and carry water bottles While temperatures are expected to stay high to the weekend, many of the worst affected areas can expect a drop in the next fortnight.They were found soaked and shivering and the boy was suffering from mild hypothermia.'It wouldn't have been long for that boy to take a turn for the worse.'The pair who were on a caravan holiday but went out for a walk dressed in just T shirt and shorts.

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He said: 'If you're going anywhere in Wales don't underestimate the weather.'They were underprepared for the bad weather.But the acclaimed sparkling wine area was beaten to the punch this year with picking already underway in Sicily and at least one producer in neighbouring Piedmont having started bringing in his early-ripening grapes on July 29.Across the country, harvest start dates were expected to be, on average, around ten days earlier than usual.Police confirmed this morning that a woman had died when her car was swept away in an avalanche of water and mud as a heatwave broke into storms in the Italian Alps. contains(g)))return n.clear Rect(37,37,928,619);u&&( Composite Operation='destination-in', Alpha=j.pow(0.974328125,k),Rect(37,37,928,619), Composite Operation='source-over', Alpha=1,q(k));,e)}var h=Elements By Tag Name('canvas')[0];if(h&&Context&&Bounding Client Rect&&}.call(parent Node,window,document, Math, Date,function(m,o,j,z),' ZJRg ABAQAAAQABAAD/2w BDAAMCAg MCAg MDAw MEAw MEBQg FBQQEBQo HBw YIDAo MDAs KCws NDh IQDQ4RDgs LEBYQERMUFRUVDA8XGBYUGBIUFRT/2w BDAQMEBAUEBQk FBQk UDQs NFBQUFBQUFBQUFBQUFBQUFBQUFBQUFBQUFBQUFBQUFBQUFBQUFBQUFBQUFBQUFBQUFBT/w AARCAAv AFo DASIAAh EBAx EB/8QAHw AAAQUBAQEBAQEAAAAAAAAAAAECAw QFBgc ICQo L/8QAt RAAAg EDAw IEAw UFBAQAAAF9AQIDAAQRBRIh MUEGE1Fh By Jx FDKBka EII0Kxw RVS0f Ak M2Jyggk KFhc YGRol Jico KSo0NTY3ODk6Q0RFRkd ISUp TVFVWV1h ZWm Nk ZWZna Glqc3R1dnd4e Xq Dh IWGh4i Jip KTl JWWl5i Zmq Kjp KWmp6ipqr Kzt LW2t7i5us LDx MXGx8j Jyt LT1NXW19j Z2u Hi4 Tl5ufo6erx8v P09fb3 Pn6/8QAHw EAAw EBAQEBAQEBAQAAAAAAAAECAw QFBgc ICQo L/8QAt REAAg ECBAQDBAc FBAQAAQJ3AAECAx EEBSEx Bh JBUQdhc RMi Mo EIFEKRob HBCSMz Uv AVYn LRCh Yk NOEl8Rc YGRom Jygp Kj U2Nzg5Ok NERUZHSEl KU1RVVld YWVpj ZGVm Z2hpan N0d XZ3e Hl6go OEh Ya Hi Im Kkp OUl Za Xm Jmaoq Okpaanq Kmqsr O0tba3u Lm6ws PExcb Hy Mn K0t PU1db X2Nna4u Pk5ebn6Onq8v P09fb3 Pn6/9o ADAMBAAIRAx EAPw D3Lz EY8/p TSFY8Hiol AHJNKHUn Ar85jd H9R8v Yn BVe M9Kesqj GOT6mqz R7Bks G/Dp QG3Djk V0WSVye W5M0j Enn86Ax/i Ocet VRLu Ldc D3o WVm A2k DPQYp Wvs Vy Fl2464pnn Bepq Bd7s Ru56YNMLh G2tyx Jzmq UHex Sg Wf NGf8A61Hyjk HI96qv ICMhef XFIzk4Oef Shx7Fcha Lj6035ai Rhu5ODT9if3l/EGou4it Yas Rfl/w Wn NCin OSv0pok Mje386dn HOOPWoi1shu4z5k OWc FSc ZI6VIz7F3A7z7dqildg No6nvjp Uao D1OT/Wt3FWv Iq19WTi QFSq/KD1x3pq HY MZGOl Km At Qv MRIFI5A44pwaeg JX0RNMuwi RBgd Tj/AAo3C4Ck9u KTz GUYYEem KEUA8Dj Pale6u K2h EQQSO4PTNRv KE54z Us6 U6s Oj UTo1wi7e Mc4q XNRsj VNa XI1y Seck1KEf H3l/Oo40Yde R6d DU21f Ss5K r Vx SK0Eh GM1ZLBhy SAe9MWNYEZ2Iw Pb NVnvjn HYU6d J7oq3O/d LA Y8njn Apx Kq B0z VI3ZPt See W n Stu TW7ZXs31LTSq VAYAk HOa RXR2GTiqw Oe Sac WAr S4 U0hhg Oa T7p Aqj HJnj JH0qyku MAj I9a5G3Exc Gix JE00RC0Ro UXBUFfbg01l GQy Eqfr Tj K578471im29dj LW1i Vba Igfnz T9g H9z8qr72AOSAf UVD5kv8Af X8q15n0JUW p//Z'),null"Spain's national weather service today issued an emergency warning for high temperatures in 31 of the country's 50 provinces.The tragedy happened overnight at the ski resort of Cortina d'Ampezzo in the Dolomites range in the northeast of the country. Weather warning website Meteo Alarm has issued warnings of 'dangerous' conditions in 11 countries in Europe, including - as well as Italy, Spain and Croatia - parts of Bosnia-Herzegovina, Switzerland, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Slovenia and Montenegro.

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