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Looking at these areas, it can be seen that the river Rhine provided a barrier to cross-activity with Alsace on the west bank, and the Alps hampered communication with the area south of lake Constance.

In the southern line lay Breisgau in which the castle of Zhringen was built, Alpgau around the monastery of St Blasius, Hegau to the north-west of Lake Constance north of the river Rhine, Linzgau, Nibelgau and Argengau to the north and north-east of Lake Constance, and Alpengau in the east bordering the Bavarian/Carinthian territories.Many local families were at first modest in their ambitions, their activities being restricted to isolated parts of the Swabian province.An example is provided by the Zhringer, which concentrated on building influence around the town of Freiburg im Breisgau, before Duke Konrad extended his ambitions into Burgundy in 1127.The list is undated, but the inclusion of the brothers Adalbert and Hartmann Grafen von Dillingen und Kiburg enable it to be dated to after , when their father died.Further precision in the dating is possible by identifying which "Friedrich Duke of Swabia" is named. The only possibilities are therefore Duke Friedrich III, who resigned the dukedom in March 1152 when he was elected as Friedrich I "Barbarossa" King of Germany, or his successor Duke Friedrich III who was installed as duke in 1152.

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