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Shoot your load on her tits-- you continue to fuck her In this order, until it fills the gauge: "Warm welcome, gentle penetration, Passionate ride, Deep Penetration) end of the sex scene. Blue`s apartement (click on the glove under the bed) (click on the mud traces on the carpet) (click on the blood stains on the wall) (finish the inspection) Talk with the gardener (you can ask him what you want but it`s not really needed) - To get ending #1: Go to Blue`s room. The same Eleanor the site has and can`t play, only one advertising. I loved the the blonde that you can bring back to your office she should have her on thing just as long as they don`t turn her into a escort, whore or something. and that would lead you to be reunited with your ex. Also, I`d like to point out that some of the scenes (such as the beach scene and city map), have lagging.

"Confirm Mario`s guilt and call the cops right away" -- ending #1 - (To continue:) "City map". Ryan is damn lucky having Blue, Sidney and Jasmine. Good game, nice animation, user controls are very workable. Maybe I just haven`t gotten to all the endings yet but I wonder about an ending with the blonde.

Emily is especially arousing and intelligent, Brian is rather dull- witted in his conversation, and the animation was of mixed quality, with the shavubg sequence being quite visually interesting.

The reference to the "frozen Soviet tundra," I believe to be approximately correct, is really illogical for an American game player, but Russian posters are already on Emily`s wall, so it is at least consistent.

Best story of any of the Sex Date games by far, I remember this one being the first one I played a few years back. It may have been some of the movements being slightly repetitive.

this is a great game, but it kinda sucks that only your last move matters..all depends on whether you cum in her face, on her boobs or inside the same for some other games like the detective games... Overall, the difficulty level was about right for me.

I much prefer the Date with Megan so far, because there were more different layouts to the game play - One thing for sure, you are a very beautiful girl - Kiss her cheek(click on her face) - Let`s just talk for a while - so, what kind of stuff do you like ? Took a few times to get through the first set of questions and pay attention to the meter.

The graphics are stellar, I love the whole goth look she has going on, and the romance is honestly a bit nice, not that I don`t enjoy the dirtier ones too. Still great graphics as usual and an interesting personality to boot!

I`ve played at least three times and ending 6 is my fave so far, it made me think of my first time and true love and I never thought a erotic online game could make me bust into tears but the beautiful love Emily and Brian had is wonderful and so hard to find.

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