Ctc spch 1318 online dating

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Students should post three questions to the Moodle forum that are somehow inspired by the reading but not duplicating a question posted by another student.

The questions should be submitted by midnight prior to the guest s visit. There is an optional, take-home final exam in this course.

Students are encouraged to maintain a healthy body, mind, and spirit as they structure their time and energy for this course.

Late submission of assignments will result in a 10% point deduction from the assignment grade per day late. There is no make-up work or rescheduling for in-class quizzes/activities, guest questions, or written assignments. If you have a documented disability (learning or otherwise) that requires special accommodations, it is your responsibility to notify me during the first two weeks of the course so that arrangements may be made. Incomplete grades are only given in cases of severe medical emergency or death of a close family member (documentation is required). Both attendance and participation are important to your learning in general as well as to this class in particular.Taking the optional final exam cannot lower your course grade. Students will write a cultural paper for this course that focuses upon lifespan development in one specific country.See the grading rubric at the end of this syllabus for more information regarding how this will be graded. Students will also complete a creative assignment that involves creative expression of their learning during this course, accompanied by a three-page paper explaining how what they created could be used to facilitate teaching someone a topic or idea from this course.Students in this course are required to submit their cultural paper writing assignment to the university writing center prior to their submission of a final draft for the course.Students will also receive feedback on their written assignments pertaining to the content as well as the style of their written communication.

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