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In writing the script, I worked from the very same copy of Ellery Queen that I read 30 years ago. I saw 'Snow 'White' at least 10 times between 19 and I think it influenced my work, a little. The death of the witch was the best thing Disney ever did.Of course, murder always heightens the interest in a film.

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Ten Day's Wonder "It was at that time I first read 'Ten Days Wonder,' by Ellery Queen, which will be my next film.

This interview, which took place during the 1970 New York Film Festival, shows him at midpoint in his life, just as he had emerged from a period of neglect and was making some of his best films.

By Roger Ebert NEW YORK -- Claude Chabrol's "This Man Must Die" is advertised as a thriller, but I found it more of a macabre study of human behavior.

There's no doubt as to the villain's identity, and little doubt that he will die (although how he dies is left deliciously ambiguous).

Unlike previous masters of thrillers like Hitchcock, Chabrol goes for mood and tone more than for plot.

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