Bernadette peters and steve martin dating

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THE husbands of major Broadway stars often fall into two categories.One type is a Svengali-like manipulator who drives hard bargains with producers and stage-manages every aspect of his famous spouse’s public image.

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“At the end [of the vacation], we were exhausted.” When they got back, Wittenberg went straight to the phone book “to look for dance places in New York,” Peters added.

Bernadette Peters and Steve Martin During the late 70s, the Broadway doyenne and the funnyman shared a fairly private offscreen relationship, which added to their on-screen chemistry when they starred opposite one another in 1979’s .

Get more of the 1970s with this short film by producer and director Brett Ratner, who, guided by the candid photography of Jean Pigozzi, takes us through the era and provides an insider’s look at the stars who defined the decade.

Michelle Phillips and Dennis Hopper The Mamas and the Papas singer and the *,* the two embarked on a romance during the late 70s.

While dating Keaton, Beatty was also rumored to be seeing Mary Tyler Moore, who—conveniently—lived in an opposing tower of the same apartment complex where Keaton resided.

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